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Sermon 04-21-13: “The Word Is Love, Part 2”

April 25, 2013


“All you need is love,” the Beatles famously sang. Were they hopelessly naive and idealistic? In light of events in Boston last week (not to mention the Vietnam War in 1967, when the song was #1 on the charts), we should be forgiven for thinking so. We may rightly ask, “How will love protect us from senseless violence?” And the answer is: It won’t. Ultimately, nothing will—certainly, nothing that money can buy.

We can’t trust in ourselves for true security and peace. Can we trust instead in the One whose very nature, according to 1 John, is love?

Sermon Text: Matthew 19:16-30

The following is my original sermon manuscript.

I’m a big fan of roller coasters. A couple of weeks ago on spring break, between Busch Gardens, Legoland, and Disney World, I rode about a dozen of them. Busch Gardens has famously fast and furious roller coasters, with steep hills, free-fall drops, corkscrew turns, and multiple “inversions”—which mean you go upside down. They’re awesome. It’s hard to believe roller coasters used to just go up and down hills! With all of these loops and corkscrews and steep drops, the amusement parks really want their riders to be safe and secure. At Busch Gardens, for instance, nearly all their roller coasters include not merely a seatbelt or a lap bar, not merely a shoulder harness which you pull down over your head and locks securely in place, but also a belt that buckles onto the shoulder harness—just in case the harness comes unlocked. These days, riding a modern roller coaster is like being strapped in for an Apollo moon-launch. Read the rest of this entry »