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Sermon 11-01-15: “The Risk-Taker and the Scaredy-Cat”

November 2, 2015


This is a sermon on the biblical understanding of stewardship: “Stewardship means that you always have a why. It means that there’s a reason why you were put on this earth: why you have what you have, why you are what you are, why you do what you do. Stewardship means you live your life like the Daniel Murphys of the world, not for yourself but for Jesus Christ and his glory!”

As I say in my sermon, stewardship is much more than what we do with our money. But it isn’t less than what we do with it, either! Are you a faithful steward?

Scripture: Matthew 25:14-30

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If you follow the NFL, chances are you’re not a New England Patriots fan—I mean, unless you happen to be from the Boston area or New England. The Patriots are just too good, Tom Brady is too good, and their “evil genius” coach, Bill Belichick, is too good. And they’re all too good at cheating! Mostly, we’re tired of them winning Super Bowls all the time. Given how they’re playing this year, they’ll probably once again be contending for yet another championship.

Vladimir Putin admiring his new Super Bowl ring.

Vladimir Putin admiring his new Super Bowl ring.

With this in mind, none of us was very sympathetic back in 2012, when Patriots owner Robert Kraft revealed to the world that Russian president Vladimir Putin stole one of Kraft’s $25,000 Super Bowl rings. It’s true! But don’t feel too bad: Kraft has three more where that came from! But it’s true: back in 2005, when Kraft was visiting Putin at the Kremlin, he made the mistake of showing the Russian leader one of his Super Bowl rings. Kraft took it out and handed it to the Russian leader, who put it on his finger and said, “I could kill someone with this ring”—because it was so massive. Then, according to Kraft, Putin put in in his pocket, his KGB guys surrounded him, and they walked out—with Kraft’s ring! It even had Bob Kraft’s name engraved on it! Read the rest of this entry »

Sermon 01-25-15: “Basic Training, Part 3: Thy Kingdom Come”

February 5, 2015

Basic Training Series

When we pray, “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven,” we are surrendering our will to the will of our heavenly Father. We recognize that he’s in control, that he’s working through every trial we face, and that he has the power to transform the worst things that happen in life into something good. Will we trust him today?

Sermon Text: Matthew 6:9-15

The following is my original sermon manuscript with footnotes.

Back in 1985, I had the pleasure of visiting the British Isles for a couple of weeks—England, Scotland, and Ireland. The best part of the trip was being excused by the principal at my school to miss two full weeks of classes without having to make up anything. The second best part was probably seeing the queen, Queen Elizabeth II. We didn’t plan on seeing her; it was a happy accident. We happened to be in London on a morning in which the queen was processing down a nearby street in a horse-drawn carriage. She was about as far away from me as this first row of pews [chairs].

What I liked best was not merely seeing the queen, as special as that was, but seeing an elderly man standing next to me—he was easily in his eighties. He was wearing his old army uniform, which was now too big for him on his shrunken frame. Maybe he was a veteran of World War I? Who knows? But he stood there, at attention, saluting the queen as she passed by. There was a tear in his eye. And I think—I hope—she saw him. It was so… sweet. So moving! Read the rest of this entry »